Manchester City close the deal to grab the youngster back

19 Apr

Manchester City manage to grab the right-back young Claire Aguilar 16-year-old from the Alisa Lima club in the Peru league. He has completed his nest. According to a statement released Saturday night Manchester City grabbed Clive Aguilar to strengthen the army. The young star will remain with the same agency until the age of 18 years, then will move to play in the Etihad Stadium in full."Going to City is a big issue in my career. I am happy that they signed with me, "Aguilar said.  "This is a club with extraordinary players, coaches and fans. My goal is to be a great player in the first team. "I'm glad that the opportunity to move to Europe came in front of me when I played for Alliana." Aguilar, 16, revealed that Dani Alves is a role model in the game. Along with raising the level of playing to be like The right-back of the Brazil national team. " According to the statement by Alisa Lisa Lima, "Manchester City sees the ability to play in the climax of Aguilar with a high level of gaming ability. Which is a policy to grab players with full potential "Allianz Lima is proud that footballers from our team will have a future with one of the most prestigious clubs in the world." For Aguilar, following in the footsteps of Angel Herrera who joined the "blue sailboat" from Atletico Venezuela in 2017, the latter was sent to New York City A. FC loaned it to use. Before being forwarded to Granada on loan this season

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